Top 10 Attractions of Pattaya to Explore during Your Holidays in Thailand

Pattaya, the nightlife paradise and the most fascinated destination for honeymooners, is known for a variety of attractions; that is successfully appealing to the diverse interest of its visitors. The most beautiful and ideal party place, there is a lot more for those who like adventure, beauty, curiosities, culture or just a place in the sun. From wonderful nightlife activities to family friendly things to do and from spending time in bars and spas to exploring scenic beauty, there is plentiful to enjoy during your Bangkok Pattaya honeymoon packages. There are numerous attractions to explore here. The top 10 best attractions in Pattaya are the following.

Walking Street – You Can’t Miss It during Your Pattaya Tour

walking street pattaya

The most fascinated and wonderful walking street is a must see place and in the top 10 attractions of Pattaya. The half a kilometer street has everything for tourists ranging from nightclubs to beer bars, go-go bars, restaurants and fun, spas and massage centers to some of the best hotels with a couple of tailor’s shops thrown in for good measure. Live music, bright neon lights, exotic girls and great drink offers are to keep you busy in the street. You will find yourself busy for some more time that will surely surprise you and persuade you to visit the walking street again and again.

Cabaret Shows – Ideal Place for Lady-Boy Show

cabaret shows pattaya.jpg

Cabaret Show is famous for performing elaborate dance routines, comedy sets, and dramatic songs by talented performers in extravagant glittering costumes. Interesting thing is that there is not a single female amongst dozens of high-kicking dancers up on the stage. The wonderful lady-boy show is depending on amazing choreography to keep you enticed. It presents Thai culture, world-history and a lot more.

Art in Paradise – An Art Gallery with an Interactive Twist

art in paradise pattaya

Art in Paradise is famous for using tricks of perspective to create optical illusions that bring the art to life. Don’t miss a camera to take with you to capture some of the best art work. There is a lot more here to keep you busy. It is certainly a paradise for art lovers.

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not

ripley’s believe it or not pattaya

Including over 300 exhibits – stretching your powers of comprehension to the extreme, Ripley’s Believe It or Not showcases the surprising, shocking and stunning objects and people – prove that truth really can be stranger than fiction. There are also fun rides, a waxwork museum, a 12D Moving Theater and a very popular Sky Rider tethered Balloon ride beside the museum itself. The Sky Rider Tethered Balloon ride rises over the city to provide some of the best views of the area.

Teddy Bear Museum

teddy bear museum pattaya

Teddy Bear Museum or Teddy’s Island, is wonderful and a must see destination in Pattaya containing about 1000 stuffed animals ranging in size from little Christmas helper to a three-meter long giant Panda. The family friendly indoor exhibition takes the form of a journey through history and fantasy acted out by cuddly toys. It is a dream destination for young children.

Bali Hai Pier – Ideal for Fishing and Diving Trips

bali hai pier pattaya

It is a paradise for sea world lovers and water sport enthusiasts to enjoy fishing, diving and a lot more. The beautiful place is also the gateway to Koh Lam that is its real attraction. It is perfect to relaxing on beaches, swimming, snorkeling, and walking between across the islands hilly interior and a lot more. Ferry runs between the Pier and the Island.

Pattaya Viewpoint and Pattaya Sign

Pattaya Viewpoint

It was once the charming fishing village that has now transformed into a colorful cityspace where natural view attracts large number of people. From hills, you can see the Sign of Pattaya City flashing in vibrant colors. From a certain height, you can see the wonderful view of Pattaya.

Wat Chaimongkol at South Pattaya Road

Wat Chaimongkol Pattaya

Being a hub of different cultural and religious events in Pattaya, Wat Chaimongkol is a grand royal temple facility at the end of South Pattaya Road. It is a colorful building among venerated images and standing Buddha statue found amongst 350 year old ruins in making it a great shopping and cultural attraction. There is a lot more to keep you busy here.

Parasailing – Scud Around the Sky Over Pattaya Bay

Parasailing Pattaya

Parasailing is one of the most common adventure sports here to enjoy throughout the day. Parasailing lovers flock here to enjoy the best adventure sport and to enjoy the best time of their holidays in Pattayaa. From a certain height, you will enjoy the amazing view of the city and at the same time enjoy the best time in a way like never before.

Pattaya Park – Ideal for Families

Pattaya Park

It is a wonderful park founded in the shadow of the iconic 240 meter tower in the Pratumnak Area of the city. The beautiful park is fun-filled and family friendly place with three distinct areas to enjoy dinner with a 360 degree view from one of the three restaurants at the top of the tower before zip-lining down to an amusement park with a roller coaster.

There is a lot more to enjoy and spend the best time during your honeymoon and fun holidays in Pattaya. However, choosing the right tour package is one of the ideal decisions to enjoy here fun and holidays in a memorable way. Choosing the right Pattaya honeymoon packages or Thailand honeymoon packages to explore the most fascinating attractions of Pattaya is the best way of celebration.

You can book the right tour package online from a reputed travel agency that has been offering you attractive tour packages that are sure to provide you amazing view of Thailand. Fun and pleasurable holiday experience in Pattaya is incomparable. Enjoy various activities in the day and spend time in leisure and unlimited fun in night by entering the bar, spa or go-go bar in Pattaya. You will feel as if the days are too short for you to enjoy. The never sleeping beach paradise is wonderful. So what you are waiting for, feel free to enjoy the best time in memorable way.

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