Top 10 Attractions at Jomtien Beach Pattaya Thailand

Natural view, crystal clear blue water with soothing waves and lively beachfront, these all are boasting of Jomtien Beach – the pride of beaches in Thailand to attract both families, single tourist and honeymooners for memorable holidays with grand joyous moments and celebration with nature everywhere. Several kilometers of sand and sea have a number of attractions to explore during your holidays in Thailand. When you are planning to book Thailand honeymoon packages then don’t forget to add Jomtien Beach in your honeymoon package that will surely surprise you and persuade you for romantic holidays again.

There are numerous unique things to see here that you will find not anywhere in the world. Whether you are fans of culture, love to know about rich history, coming close to natural beauty or want to indulge into the world of excitement and adventure, there is a lot more here to keep you enticed and spell bound for the time to come. These attractions are safe and secure and provide you some good reasons to spend more time here. Below mentioned are the names of top 10 attractions at Jomtien Beach.

Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden

Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden

Located at Sukhumvit Road, the internationally acclaimed Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden is a home to 2.4 sq km of landscaping designs and a dazzling range of beautiful plants. Gardens are dedicated to cacti, bonsais, topiary, tropical palms and more than 670 species of orchids. The beautiful garden keeps children and teenagers as well as nature lovers busy for the time to come.

Pattaya Floating Market

Pattaya Floating Market

It is also a wonderful place to see at Sukhumvit Road that is entirely different with waterways, boat-borne vendors and stilted shops, this floating market is a pretty convincing recreation of the traditional variants in Bangkok. The wonderful four regions floating market has live shows and demonstration of cultural arts. You can purchase fruits, vegetable and day to day items from these floating markets. It is an entirely different way of enjoying your holidays in a memorable way. More than 114 vendors over 100000 sqm area represent the four distinct regions of Thailand.

Khao Chi Chan (“Buddha Mountain”)

Khao Chi Chan (“Buddha Mountain”)

Stand at a distance in sunlight and you will see glittering image of Lord Buddha carved into the side of a limestone hill and inlaid with gold! It has an appropriate name that translates as “ The Buddha with Brightness and sublimity”. It is 130 meter in height and 70 meter at the widest point making it the largest carved stone Buddha in the world. The wonderful Khao Chi Chan is sure to keep you enticed and spell bound for the time to come.

Cabaret Shows

cabaret shows in pattaya

Such shows are found around Pattaya Beach. Now, the option is also available in Jomtien that are also very impressive. The amazing Thai Alagkarn Show on Sukhmvit Road and the Colosseum Show on Thepprasit Road offer an extravaganza of ostentatious outfits, creative choreography and spectacular song and dance routines. It is amazing show that attracts both locals and tourists.

Underwater World Pattaya

Underwater World Pattaya.jpg


If you are in Pattaya and exploring Jomtien Beach, then don’t forget to visit Underwater World in Pattaya. It is a great way to see the remarkable sea life – residing in the waters around Pattaya. The amazing 100 meter acrylic tunnel gives a unique perspective on more than 200 species of water dwellers that include sharks, sea otters, turtles and different others. It is a part of adventure holidays here.

Pattaya Park

Pattaya Park


Located on Thappraya Road Soi 12 in Phratumnak, the wonderful combination of 5-star restaurants, hotels, theme park and Water Park is amazing. The 240 meter tower at heart of the Park is an iconic element of the city’s skyline. There are three restaurants at top of the tower that have unbeatable 360 degree views over the area. Not forget to mention rollercoaster and Viking ride that will surprise you.


Mimosa Plaza Na Jomtien - Pattaya | Thailand
Mimosa Plaza Na Jomtien – Pattaya | Thailand


Adding more beauty and increasing popularity graph of Sukhumvit Road, Mimosa is a combination of shopping malls, cabaret shows, and romantic hang-out spot – all set in European style town. It is called the City of Love – based on the French city of Colmar with it renaissance-era buildings recreated as more than 300 shops and restaurants. It is ideal place for shopping and entertainment in a memorable way.

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Viharn Sien

Viharn Sien pattaya.jpg

It is a place of worship and cultural museums, Viharn Sien or Anek Kuson Sala, is the home of remarkable collection of religious artifacts from the Mahayana and Theravada Buddhist sects. Here, statutes depict the characters from Chinese mythology and history. There is a lot more to keep you enticed and spell bound here and persuade you for holidays again to this beachfront area.

Pattaya Lakeland Cable Sky

Pattaya Lakeland Cable Sky.jpg

The amazing adventure game spot – cable skiing is enjoyed here. It is the safest watersports in Pattaya in which cable over the lake follows a square pattern at the speed of a boat – allowing travelers to enjoy waterski. It is full of wonders and wonderful to keep you busy in some amazing and safe adventure sport activities.

Pattaya Shooting Park

Pattaya Shooting Park

For shooting lovers who want to take fire at the target, Pattaya shooting park is an ideal place for them. Zip Lining, horse riding, kayaking, archery, fishing, rock climbing, etc are different types of adventure activities to enjoy here. For those who are on their tour to Pattaya and want to spend time in a different way than usual, it is an ideal option for them to fulfill their requirement.

There is a lot more to keep you busy and provide you something amazing during your Bangkok Pattaya honeymoon tour packages and your visit to Jomtien Beach. You have to choose the right package from a selected travel agency that covers this destination. You can also ask for customized tour package for all attractions at Jomtien Beach. Precise details are provided to you for these tourist places by your tour guide. So what you are waiting for, explore the real world of fun and adventure in a memorable way by reaching Jomtien Beach in Pattaya.


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