Top 5 Attractions at Naklua Beach in Pattaya Thailand

A very quiet and unique beach with virgin beauty, Naklua is the residential part of Pattaya – and a home to some of the most iconic landmarks and tourist attractions of Pattaya to keep one enticed an spell bound for the time to come. When it comes to explore Naklua beach area, you will have plenty of tourist options to choose and enjoy the best time in a memorable way. These attractions are sure to keep you enticed and spell bound and highly varied as well as most family friendly. During your honeymoon packages to Bangkok Pattaya, don’t forget to explore the main attractions of Naklua Beach – showing you Thai culture and at the same time allowing you for the discovery of the natural and manmade worlds beyond the land of smiles. There is a lot more to explore raging from quiet contemplation and meditation to thrills and excitement to peaceful environment, plenty of options are available for you to chose and enjoy your holidays.

Sanctuary of Truth – The Pride of Tourism at Naklua Beach and Pattaya


The amazing and distinctive shape of the Sanctuary of Truth is a unique and awe-inspiring attraction entirely hand-carved from teak. It is a religious place and building as well as maintaining this temple is the importance of religion, morality and spiritual contentment. What attract tourist here is the remarkable beauty and intricate workmanship that also acts as a backdrop to cultural shows and the other attractions in the grounds of the temple.

Pattaya Boxing World at Sukhumvit Road

Pattaya Boxing World

IT is the center of Martial Art of Muay Thai boxing – celebrated with all the glitz and glamour of Madison Square Garden at the Stadium next to Mini Siam. You will see live bouts at the least once a week featuring top-class Thai and international athletes alongside a daily cultural show.


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Pattaya Sheep Farm – Off Highway 7

Pattaya Sheep Farm.jpg

The most beautiful and very much hands-on-zoo of fluffy creatures, Pattaya Sheep Farm has been making it extremely popular with children, particularly city-dwellers from the local. You will see deer, rabbits, ponies, alpacas, pigs, donkeys, buffaloes, resident parrots, turkeys, peacocks, and a variety of other creatures and winged inmates.

Mini Siam – A Home of Recreations of Famous Structures

Pattaya Mini Siam

The beautiful landmark is a home to recreations of famous structures from around the world. It is split into Mini Siam Zone and Mini Europe Zone. Mini Siam Zone is has models of Bagkok’s Wat Arun, Victory Monument and Rama IX cable-stayed bridge along with temple of Ayutthaya, Sukhothai’s Wat Mahathart, and Phanom Rung Historical Park in Burriam. On the other hand, in Mini Europe Zone, you will see London’s Tower Bridge, Rome’s Colosseum, Statue of Liberty, Sydney Opera House, Angkor Wat and different others.

Million Years Stone Park & Crocodile Farm

Million Years Stone Park & Crocodile Farm

Million Years Stone Park is one of the most attractions in Naklua and certainly one of the most popular to explore. Here, you will see petrified trees and grotesque rock formations – hundreds of millions of years in age. You will also see crocodiles in the adjacent farm that is the largest of its kind in the country.

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